Seperator Dirterm

Dirterm Mag is a dirt filter with a built-in magnetic bar to filter and collect dirt and magnetite from your heating or cooling system. The filter cartridge is available in various mesh sizes.

A filter that is perfect for your heating or cooling system.

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Three advantages of Dirterm Mag:

  1. Easy installation, two-way flow direction.
  2. Easy to service, rinse and clean
  3. Effectively removes dirt and magnetite


Technical specifications

Dirterm technical specifications

Article no.SizeConnectionA (mm)Ø B (mm)C (mm) D (mm)E (mm)Max. pressure (bar)Max. fluid temperature (°C)MagnetUsable fluidMaterial
HL11061”F UNI-EN-ISO 2281107937.5194231.510110Neodymium Water,
Water + Glycol 30%
Brass CW 617N UNI EN 12167