Soft-X compressor

Soft-X compressor is a very compact and efficient compressor vessel. Soft-X handles expansion and maintains a stable pressure in heating and cooling systems. The fact that Soft-X can handle up to 8 bar operating pressure means that the vessel can withstand most systems. 

Note that the Soft-X compressor is only offered in the Norwegian market. 

Three advantages of Soft-X compressor:

  1. Very stable and precise pressure control
  2. Large user-friendly display
  3. Easy to install and commission
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PLC.411 – Closed expansion vessels with separate compartments for liquid and gas and with pressure holding device Closed expansion
vessel from HL Hydronics type Soft-X compressor XXX liter with compressor, fixed butyl rubber membrane and programmable processor control with. Modbus communication for alarm management via DUC / BMS. The unit is prepared for automatic water filling. Max 50% glycol.

Technical specifikations Soft-X compressor

TYPEProduct codeWeightMax. Work. PressureVolumeDiameterHeightConnectionBladderPermissible Oper. Temp.Noise levelVoltageElectrical outputFrequencyPower supplyCompressor
200 CRB
402242570 Kg6 Bar200 Liter600 mm1.225 mmR1”Replaceable70ºC52 dB220 V0.75Kw50 HzPlugF114-8Bar
300 CRB
403542585 Kg6 Bar300 Liter600 mm1.475 mmR1”Replaceable70ºC52 dB220 V0.75Kw50 HzPlugF114-8Bar
500 CRB
4050425150 Kg6 Bar500 Liter700 mm1.795 mmR1”Replaceable70ºC52 dB220 V0.75Kw50 HzPlugF114-8Bar
700 CRB
4070425192 Kg6 Bar700 Liter800 mm1.955 mmR1”Replaceable70ºC52 dB220 V0.75Kw50 HzPlugF114-8Ba