Separator Mag-Nus

Mag-Nus separator is a dirt and magnetite separator. Mag-Nus fits well fitted before the O2-X exhaust gas or alternatively as a separator mounted in the system. The magnetic rod is very powerful 11,000 gauss and is mounted inside a pocket of copper, ie not mounted directly in the system fluid. This construction allows for very simple cleaning by closing the outflow from the valve, removing the magnetic rod and flushing out the dirt collected inside the Mag-Nus.


Three advantages of Mag-Nus:

  1. Service and installation
  2. Easy to clean and clean
  3. Effectively removes dirt and magnetite

Technical specifications

CodeSizeConnectionKv [m3/h]Size (G)A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)E (mm)øA (mm)øB (mm)
3548.05.00G 3/4”FF UNI-EN-ISO 2289,503/4''104242148811296858
3548.06.00G 1“FF UNI-EN-ISO 22810,301''104242148811296858