H-line pressurisation unit

H-Line is a pressure holding unit and together with an open expansion vessel is intended for use in liquid heat and cooling system. H-Line is designed to maintain optimum stable operating pressure in the system and thus reduce the system’s pressure variations to a minimum.

Three advantages of H-Line:

  1. User-friendly display that is both large and clear
  2. Soft pressure position with motor valve and soft-start pump
  3. Built from reliable components from Grundfos, Danfoss and Schneider Electrics



Expansion vessel The open expansion vessel is available in both polyethylene and varnished. sheet in a large selection of volumes. The volume is dimensioned depending on a number of factors in the system. H-Line is approved for use in both water and glycol systems (max. 35%)

Technical description

PLC. 122 Open expansion vessel with pressure holding pump Open expansion vessel with volume XXX liter with pressure holding pump and motor valve type H-Line for operating pressure X bar. With constant pressure control controller. Analog outputs for pressure and level and potential-free alarm output are available in control cabinets. Expansion vessels in Polyethylene or Sheet.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

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