Filter MA-X

MA-X is a filter designed to collect magnetite and dirt from heating and cooling systems.

The MA-X is advantageously mounted on the inlet to the O2-X exhaust gas in order to, in collaboration with the exhaust gas, purify the system from dirt particles and magnetite and to protect the exhaust gas and contribute to a longer service life. 

Three advantages of MA-X:

  1. Service and installation
  2. friendly Easy to clean and clean.
  3. Effectively removes dirt and magnetite


The fact that the MA-X is transparent makes it easier to determine if the filter needs to be opened and cleaned. MA-X is equipped with a strong magnetic rod of 11,000 Gauss and a filter with a mesh size of 500 microns.

Technical specifications

MODELMat. headMat. VesselMat.CartridgeFLOW (∆P=0,2BAR) (l/min)PN (bar)CONNECTIONS DIM A (mm) DIM B (mm) FILTERING CAPACITY (micron)WATER TEMP. MAX (°C)
T4BrassThermopl.Inox25253/4'' F5021050090