Degasser O2-X

O2-X is designed to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of modern heating and cooling systems. O2-X is a fully automatic vacuum degasser with high performance and optimized installation, operation and service procedures. HL Hydronics can proudly present an efficient, reliable and simple exhaust gas that helps you get rid of harmful gases in the system. 

Three benefits of O2-X:

  1. Efficiently removes harmful gases from your system
  2. User-friendly display that is both large and clear
  3. Built from reliable components from Grundfos, Danfoss and Schneider Electrics.


State of the art vacuum degasser, Modbus compatible as standard, of course!


Settings and alarms are accessible by only two keystrokes. Continuous display of pressure in the system as well as the working position of the unit makes it easy to get a good overview.


Degasser O2-X exhausts your system fluid in a partial flow and operates according to two program intervals. An Start-up interval that is more intensive to immediately after connection and a maintenance interval where the system is degassed continuously to get rid of the gases that inevitably enter the system and maintain the oxygen level at a low level.

O2-X is approved for use in both water and glycol systems (max. 35%). 

Technical description

PSF.1412 – Automatic air deflectors
Automatic vacuum degassing from HL Hydronics type O2-X (insert model number) for heating and cooling systems. Outlets for buzzer alarms are available in the control cabinet. Model with integrated automatic degassing is available.


When installing O2-X, initial degassing is started automatically
via the push of a button. O2-X then exhausts the system fluid
continuously for a 30-day period and then automatically transitions
to maintenance degassing. Maintenance degassing means degassing
takes place 1 hour/day, 5 days/week only weekdays.

Good overview and simple Menu

Settings and alarms are easily accessible with only 2 button presses.
Continuous display of pressure in the system as well as the operating mode of the unit
being in makes it easy to get a good overview.



The robust components that work with a special program in the O2-X’s controller ensure high reliability and that the plant removes gases from the system in a very efficient way over time.

Operation and management

O2-X is easily connected to DUC for remote monitoring and control. O2-X can
easily controlled and monitored via a parent system.

Technical specifications

Tryckklassmax 10 bar
Tryck i anslutningspunkten 0,8 - 4,0 bar
Spänning230V 1-fas
Arbetstemperatur70⁰C Konstant
Bredd500 mm (inkl. anslutningar)
Djup210 mm
Vikt24 kg
Anslutning 1 - InloppDN15
Anslutning 2 - UtloppDN15
Anslutning 3 - AutofyllDN15